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Colorado Traffic Cameras Pro

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NOTE: This app is not affiliated or endorsed by any traffic, travel or weather web site. This app is designed to integrate traffic, travel, transportation and weather. Our goal is to improve your daily commute or even your next trips. Go ahead: there are so many places waiting to be discovered in your state or city.12-12-2015: Happy Holiday with our biggest update.- This app is refreshed with the latest android development tool, android version support and modern look and feel- Update the map framework- Address the usability issue on the map. Now the camera will show up only when you click on a camera. The camera view will disappear once you click on the map.- Fix the travel information pop up in a different window.
*** 12-04-2015: There are always multiple cameras at the same location on the Map. Click on a marker to see a camera image (north/south or east/west). Click on the same marker again. Then you will be able to see the other camera image (e.q 20th Ave (North) and 20th Ave (South)).
*** 11-28-2015: Static images are now up-to-date.
*** 11-27-2015: Static images are not working right now. An update will be published later today. For now, please select "CO Live" to see the live streaming image.
Our best app for Colorado. The app supports both static image and live streaming.
What is NEW:- Update Colorado traffic cameras- Integrate Traffic Map- Integrate Rest Areas- For traffic cameras map view, please purchase the full version or USA version.
For support, send an email to or go to Facebook (
This app includes the following features:- Camera list based location- Camera map view based upon location and click on the menu to select a different location.- Travel- Weather- Traffic Map and Traffic Cameras Map
2013 LISTnet Long Island Software Award Winner